Botkier Trigger Quality???

  1. I just found a Botkier trigger in brown at Bergdorf for 50% off so I couldn't pass it up.

    I bought it but I have read some issues people have had with the Botkier Bianca leather being too thin. The leather on the trigger is not as soft and feel thicker but I was wondering how well they hold up.

    Any issues?
  2. I love the leather on my triggers. The metallic leathers are even thicker, but I think this makes them more durable. Also I was lucky enough to get a trigger that ws made in the USA. Even so, my Made in Indonesia trigger is still beautiful and buttery soft, and I know it will last a long time.
  3. i have a botkier bianca and i dont think the leather is too thin AT ALL!!! i think it is just soft and smushy leather, but i think its great i use it every day almost with a whole bunch of stuff in it and it looks brand new!!

    i dunno about the trigger but if its the same quality as the bianca i say it should be great!
  4. The Trigger bag leather is thicker and very durable. The smushiness/softness of the Bianca always made me fear damaging it so I eventually sold it. It was just a personal thing. Most people don't have problems with the Bianca like Bessie said.
  5. That is great to hear with both bags. I just bought a Biance recently and I LOVE it so when I saw the Trigger in the color I wanted, at that price, I pounced.

    I was thinking the leather tore or something with the Biancas since so many people said they sold them due to the leather.
  6. i have a trigger which i love and the leather still looks great!!
  7. I bought both the black and the brown from BG for half off. I loved the black leather. I thought that the brown leather was very low quality by comparison, so I returned mine.
  8. i got a small trigger in sugarplum about a year ago and really got my $'s worth out of it. can i just say, trigger is the most functional bag design everrrr:rochard: but ...
    on about the leather :biggrin:
    heck, out of all of my bags, i grab my trigger the most when i go out because i really don't have to worry about damaging it running around the city. it takes beatings well and IMO looks better with time. it's just a rock all out bag!!!

    the only slight con on this bag is the handle design. the straps are starting to show some wear in the joining seam, right above the rivets, where they get thinner. if botkier beefed up the handles i'd get a few more triggers...
  9. The leather on the Trigger is nice and thick with a buttery finish. It should last forever.