Botkier: Trigger or "Turbo" Trigger?

  1. I'm kinda confused as to the difference between the old Trigger and the new "Turbo" trigger. Do you guys see it? I can picture a "turbo" vacuum or something, but not so much a bag... :amuse:

    Classic Trigger


    Trigger Turbo

  2. I think I read somewhere about the zippers beig bigger on the turbo. Here it is from

    The construction is like the classic version with triple interior compartments and an abundance of convenient pockets. But the Turbo has larger zippers, French piping, and a platform logo plate on the exterior.
  3. Ok, I've spent about 5 min's staring at these pics and I don't see a difference!!!!! But I have to admit I absolutely loooove that color on the Turbo Trigger!! :love:
  4. Yes, that's the Hazelnut. If I can't get my hands on the Darel bag in tan, that's my next choice.
  5. The turbo has smooth leather.
  6. OK I am so glad you posted that because I was wondering the same thing...and even with the stated differences, I really see nothing! Lol, maybe in person they'd be apparent? I think I'm going to order one soon.