Botkier Trigger Lurking: Help please

  1. Hello there! I have always always wanted a Trigger, and want to finally start eBay/bonanzle lurking to find one in the right color/good condition/good price.

    I've tried doing a couple of searches on this forum, and would appreciate if someone could point me to a color reference thread, particularly for grays and browns.

    I also noticed that there is a difference in strap drops: about how long ago did this start and how much of a difference is there?

  2. anyone out there?
  3. Hopefully someone will chime in soon. I'm new to Botkier so I'm no help.
  4. Hi, the Trigger is a good looking bag! Sorry, I have no idea about the strap drop but just wanted to say be careful buying on the auction sites. The Trigger was widely faked and for me, not too easy to authenticate. There have been some good prices recently on Amazon, avelle and either Gilt, ideeli...
  5. hey gel!!! i am a newbie too but just wanted to say hi!!!
  6. Aww, I actually recognize most of you from the RM forum. So glad to know the same friendly folks are wandering over here with me. I am actually trying to shake my RM habit, and I have always loved the Trigger. It has a similar feel to the appeal of RMs, and is a roomy, functional shoulder bag.

    toni, you have a good point. I do remember that this bag was faked a lot. Thanks for the tip.

    Thanks for chiming in ladies!
  7. The Trigger is definitely an awesome bag!! I'm carrying mine now, in fact, and IA, it's an awesomely roomy and functional shoulder bag.

    As for your questions, I'm not sure if there's a colour reference thread here... This subforum sadly doesn't get all that much action and isn't built up as well reference-wise, AFAIK. The Trigger is also an older bag (Botkier's first), so it has come in a variety of colours, and I'm not sure that there's one single catch-all resource for it out there. The link that Cloud posted is one of the few guides that I know of out there for the older Triggers, so that's pretty helpful for those! But yeah, the Trigger was pretty widely faked, and some fakes still turn up on eBay/Bonanzle too, sadly, so do tread carefully...

    As for the strap drops, I think those vary depending on the size. I don't know the dates associated with the sizes, but the Trigger comes in about three sizes, IIRC: small, medium and large. The medium is the one that is still currently (or more recently) being produced, and measures about 12" x 9" x 6", with a strap drop of 8". The large has a strap drop of about 9" or 10", I think, though I'm not sure of the dimensions (maybe 14" across?). The small measures about 10" across, but for that one, I'm not sure of the strap drop.

    HTH! :flowers:
  8. I agree with starkfan...this forum is not as "organized" as RM. How would we go about fixing this? There seems to be more ladies who are posting, interested, and purchasing botkier. I think we could organize this forum! :amuse: Who is the mod?

    geltea I am really hoping that new colors will be released for the trigger soon!
  9. OK ladies,I sent an email to the company and hope to hear back soon. I initially asked for a complete Trigger history, and the response basically was: "Please be specific". heehee. I hope they realize that I'm potentially contributing to an increase in Botkier Trigger sales..
  10. Let us know what they say. Didi you ask if they would release the trigger this year?
  11. ^I didn't, but I will when they get back to me
  12. oohhhh....I'm excited to see what you find out, geltea.
  13. I was emailed that I would get a response in about 4-5 days from today, so I will sit and wait (sort of) patiently...:tumbleweed: