Botkier Trigger Help

  1. Hi! I'm looking for a Botkier Trigger handbag!!! I've looked all over the internet and can't find any except the white on the botkier website. I'm looking for one in brown/tan or black if anyone knows where I could find one please let me know. I looked on e-bay but only found light pink or light blue, there is one black one but it's going for over $400. Is that a good price for a bag that is a few years old?
  2. 400 is a little much if it's used.. if it's in good condition, AND authentic.. then maybe 400 is a good price
  3. heey, i know this isn't going to be much help but i saw a dusty pink trigger in a local (DC) consignment shop going for 160... just to let ya know the going rate.. good luck!
  4. Thanks! I know they were $600 new so it could be well worth it for $400 but the pink ones I've seen on eBay are going for about 150-200. I didn't think to look in a consignment shop, I have one near my house I could check out thanks for the idea!
  5. Are there any other handbags I could look at that have compartments like the trigger bag? I'm looking for a bag that I can use everyday but not have to rummage through my bag to find things.
  6. Hm. the one you're looking at on eBay is in good condition.. usually corners are worn and handles are a bit messy, but this one seems good!

    the lighter colors that get dirtier quicker never go for more than 2-300
  7. I saw a brownish/orange Trigger bag at NM Last Call two weeks ago. I would have snatched it up if it was in black! It was an odd color but around $350 new I think.