Botkier Trigger...did I buy a fake?

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  1. Hope you don't break my heart. Got this one on ebay a couple months ago before I knew about the tell-tale signs. I even got a couple of bidders asking me if they can buy it from me after I won it. It came with the purple string tag and it's heavy and the leather is super supple...but it doesn't have that botkier logo all over the insides...and no compartments for my cellphone...and no credit card sized slots...<gulp>

    Botkier experts, what do you think? <crossing fingers>

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  2. Sorry I don't know if I am much help but I can tell/ask you a few things...

    How was the tag like? Was is made with very stiff cardboard?

    Did this come with a chain in one of the outside pockets? I can't tell from the pictures.

    I have 2 Triggers and I don't have credit card slots for neither of them - perhaps it was a newer feature? Judging from the colour of your Botkier it is at least 2 years old. (do you mean a cell phone pocket?)

    I know that Botkier had this colour before - and it was a limited edition I believe - and the fake Botkiers that I have seen, I have never seen it in this colour...

    The older Botkiers didn't have the Botkiers did not have the Botkier print lining

    Maybe you can find someone at Botkier to help you out? I have dealt with the customer service before and they are wonderful!
  3. Gloria - is this an older Trigger bag? I remember when Botkier was first coming around, they only made a very few styles. The Trigger was their signature bag. They didn't have all the extra pockets inside - they added those as the bags gained popularity and they got comments from buyers on features to add.

    I never personally bought one, but I spent a lot of time at the Botkier site considering it. It could just be that this is one of the very first, original Trigger bags, made before all the changes were added.
  4. Colour-wise I think it won't be the very first - it came out in the spring and they had pastel colours and zipper tab pulls instead of the strings... but like you said - it could very well be the inaugral (sp) year befoer all the changes are enforced...

    I am guessing it the following fall/winter season judging from the colour - but I am not sure if they still made it with zipper pulls or with tabs... then it could be a luxe trigger

    Arrg - There are so many uncertainties! I wonder if anyone at Botkier can clear it up!
  5. Oh, the tag was cardboard stiff...and it looked real - purple on the underside, purple string. The bag is in very good condition, but does show sign of wear. It's weird though that for a bag THAT used, the previous owner would still keep the tag. Or maybe that's just me. I don't like the clutter. It didn't come with a dust bag or a receipt.

    Lord knows how old it is. The seller was one of those ebay stores who sells things on behalf of other people.

    Regardless of it's authenticity, or lack thereof, I still really like it. Thanks for your input though!
  6. Based on this picture, I don't think it's real. However, the Trigger I had was a Trigger Turbo, not one of the original Triggers. But the inside zipper on mine did not look like this below.

  7. There are two trigger styles: the shoulder bag (called the Turbo) and the satchel. Since I can't see the straps I don't know which it is. I've owned both. There are two things that are bothering me about your trigger bag that lead me to believe it may be a fake.

    The first is the first few years of the trigger didn't have Botkier stamped in the interior - it was plain black like yours. But as far as I know those bags had tabs; not ties. I don't know which years they switched both details (and whether it was the same year or different years) over so it may have been on different years. I have never seen that combination though.

    The second thing that bothers me are the number of compartments - which I can't tell from the picture. there should be at least 3 large compartments (not including the small zip compartment. They are slightly different between the satchel and the should bag (turbo) styles. It looks like yours is 1 compartment. There is an additional compartment at the "trigger" where the clasp flap is.

    There is a good description from an Ebay reference manual that is linked to one of the older posts about the trigger. It discusses which years had which features you you can pinpoint your year and make sure the different feature match.
  8. Hi tenmosquito! You seem to be in most of the Botkier discussion forums and seem well-informed :smile: Since we're on the subject of fakes, i'm just wondering if you've any idea where Botkier bags are made?

    I recently bought a Botkier Sasha Duffle and was dismayed when i saw the "Made in Indonesia" tab stuck to the inside of my beloved bag.

    I always assumed that since i'm paying this much for a bag, it'll have been made in the US (where the brand originates) just like LV is made in France?
  9. I have a Twilight Botkier Trigger and I just looked all over my bag and didnt see any tag that said "Made in". I assumed they were made in NY, I am curious now too.
  10. don't worry--this is a 2nd generation trigger (the first generation had tabs). they had the dangly ties and were lined in heavy canvas. the cell phone part wasnt until the 3rd generation, which i think were called the "trigger luxe" or something similar.
  11. I just checked my two botkiers and they both had those cardboard tags (purple string ones) that say handmade proudly in new york (why I love the brand so much!) so I don't know if it should say it's made anywhere except new york.
  12. The earlier bags were made in the USA. More recently Botkier had them produced in Indonesia.

    I'm not sure exactly when the switch occured but the current season ones were made in Indonesia. The Sasha didn't come out until Spring 2007 so I would expect it to be made in Indonesia. It doesn't sound like a fake based on that.

    I remember some of the purple authenticity cards saying "proudly made in New York" on certain bags. I think these bags are from at least a few seasons ago. I can't find mine right now so I don't know what the newer bags say.
  13. I think the bag is reall for many of the reasons others have given in terms of it being a second generation bag. Botkier is a relatively new and went through a few iterations in style of the triigger before the most recent the turbo.
  14. I also doubt the authenticity based on this pic of the zipper pull (no logo/leather). I'm not sure if an earlier version had this kind though. If anyone finds out for certain please post.