Botkier "Trigger" bags - Still In?

  1. So....

    I'm contemplating ordering myself the Botkier Trigger handbag... even though I know the rounded Bianca style one is in right now.

    Any thoughts? Is the Botkier Trigger bag still in? :shrugs:
  2. I love my botkier. To me it's a botkier "classic" as it returns season after season in their collection. In the end, although it's nice to be "in"; will the Bianca be a bag you want for the long haul?
  3. Are they still making the original one, or just the Trigger Turbos, does anyone know?

    I think the style is pretty classic, Pinklady, and since it's not overtly trendy, I think it's a great choice. :smile: Are you going to get one?
  4. My Motto:
    Who cares if it's "in" or not. As long as you're "Into" it.
    I had a Trigger and sold it due to it's weight. Now I have a Bianca and am much happier with carrying it.
  5. Thanks for the input!

    I just ordered the Trigger in Hazelnut. I got it off, where they were selling it for ~$300 vs. $600 at Neiman Marcus. Hope it'll be ok...

    I'll let you guys know what I think of it once I receive it! :smile:
  6. I sold my medium Trigger Lux (it was too big), but I loved the look of it.
  7. I have a medium black Trigger and use it almost every day. I don't even care if it goes out of style, I love :heart: it because it holds everything I need.
  8. They still have the Turbo at NM. I absolutely love mine, probably the most practical bag I have.
  9. I ordered the one in the picture below. However, it didn't specify the name on the website. Is this the medium Trigger? Is there such thing as a small Trigger?
    BotkierTrigger.jpg Botkier2.jpg
  10. That's a medium trigger but not a turbo (like the one in the pic). I have got a couple of small triggers as well which I find more convenient as everyday bags.
    botkier1.jpg botkier2.jpg
  11. i got one a few months ago from a PFer in the old marketplace...i haven't used it all summer, but i can't wait til fall/winter to use it. i love how it has so many pockets and compartments.
  12. I have a medium luxe trigger in gunmetal and use it everyday for work.
    I don't worry about it getting damaged, I work in a lab. its a little heavy but I think will be a classic-no tassels and studs and overyly large! I got mine at BG for half price last christmas and have enjoyed it eversince.
  13. What you ordered was the east/west satchel, which is different than the regular Triggers which aren't as rectangular and have longer handles. The older Triggers came in sizes, but the current Triggers (Turbos) are all one size.

    I have the Trigger Turbo in hazelnut.
  14. I have the Turbo in black - have had it for years now - and I still wear it often.
  15. I love triggers but the picture above is the east coast west coast satchel - look a the handle - the trigger fits over shoudler ECWC is a handbag over the wrist
    why isn't botkier making any more triggers !?????