Botkier Taylor

  1. I love it too! It looks like the perfect size!
  2. I love the bag! It looks great :smile:
  3. i love this bag but one thing im not too sure if i could deal with his the tassels. i mean i loveeee taseels on my bags but i think here it might be a little much for me
  4. Congratulations on getting your new bag. :yahoo: Thanks for sharing the pictures of your purse. I am interested in buying this bag for myself. :biggrin:
  5. She's gorgeous.:drool: Is the color true to the picture? Is she smooshy?
  6. oh can you please post a modeling pic? trying to decide between this the howard and loagn:yahoo:
  7. love your logan trying to decide between that and a couple other botkiers:smile: