Botkier Taylor

  1. This is a cool bag. Very nice casual look, and the perfect size. I'm very pleased with the leather. There's not much I don't like about it.

  2. :drool::drool:

    Lexie, I love this! I haven't seen this one b4 and I love satchels... AND it has a shoulder strap, OMG, it's fabulous!
  3. Yea I haven't seen one yet but the pictures look fantastic! It looks like a good size for normal going out and I love how the shoulder strap can convert it into a hobo-looking bag! Love the colour!
  4. Congrats, this is gorgeous! I love that it has an extra shoulder strap to convert it into a hobo. Thanks for sharing your pics!
  5. Gorgeous bag--congrats! Love the different spin on tassels.
  6. It's been out now for quite awhile. I know it's on the Botkier site and I think it was on Luna Boston. I saw this pic a couple months ago and had to have it. I'm using it now and it's divine to carry. I love the should strap that isn't too long. It's great on the shoulder and still looks good when attached to the bag.

  7. WOW! It's even more gorgeous in person!

    Congrats, she is a beauty!
  8. Beautiful!
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    Oh it's beautiful! I've been having a Ridge Forrester couple of weeks ... torn between Taylor and Logan. And I went with the Logan ~ which I love. But seeing yours makes me want both!! ... like Ridge.
  10. Oh Ziggykat, why not be Bold and Beautiful and
    get them both?! It's great that you're all enchanted by our Taylor!
  11. ^^:roflmfao:

    You're so right steph b, I know I have enough love for both!
  12. Lexie, your pics are always great!

    Thinking of you :hugs:
  13. This bag is on sale at Shopbop for $381.50! Very tempted although I don't love the fringe.
  14. gorgeous!! can we see some modeling pics!?
  15. I love this!!!!