Botkier Stirrup in Buttercup

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  1. I have been wanting this bag ever since it went on sale on for $175 in December, and my order was cancelled because it was OOS. I occasionally see it on eBay, but every time I bid on one, I have not been able to be at my computer when the auction ended (thus being outbid). I can't justify spending too much over the $175 price-- is eBay my best bet then? Or does anyone know of any retailers that have it on sale anywhere? Thanks!
  2. Do you have your heart set on the buttercup color? There's another stirrup bag on sale on botkier's website for only $345??? It's in metallic fatigue mix. Not sure if you're interested or not...
  3. I think shopbop sells Botkier?

    And eLux has sales usually following holidays, you could always try there.
  4. There have been a couple of boutiques that I've seen that mark Botkier down, but I'm guess that's not entirely helpful. If you are totally in love with the color, I would patiently wait for it on eBay. And, if you are remotely crazy like I am, and have been watching something on eBay that ends in the middle of the night, I'd set my alarm for it (I did this once on a vintage Gucci tote that I wanted....needless to say, after I won, I was too tired to fall back asleep). :shame: :shame: :shame: