botkier stirrup bag

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  1. what do you guys think of this bag in blue?


    says it's metallic twilight. does it look very metallic to you? anyone have this bag or seen it?

    i saw someone on the train today with a botkier bag, it looked like the trigger, looked nice! not sure if i like the tassels though, because that just reminds me of balenciaga.

  2. I think it's a nice bag, and I dig the color, but overall Botkier and Balenciaga don't do it for me. I do prefer this Botkier to the popular Balenciaga (don't know the style name) now. I like this one better than the Trigger Luxe, too. It looks like the perfect shade of metallic...not too shiny.
  3. Hi, I think it does look quite metallic -- in the photo, I mean. I haven't seen the bag in real life.
  4. i've been very tempted to get this bag in the past, i think the color is so pretty.
  5. the color looks fabulous on elux. but wonder if it's too metallic in person.
  6. i love the botkier stirrup. my fave botkier. the color is fabulous!
  7. It's alright, but I've never really understood the Botkier craze.
  8. i have the bag, and i love it! i've been carrying it nonstop for the past 2 months. it's not too metallic, and it matches perfectly with jeans.
  9. I've seen other metallic colors from Botkier, and I agree that with sassy that it's muted.
  10. i like it! someone posted one a few weeks ago in one of the lighter metallic colors and it was stunning
  11. I have that bag in metalic pearl and I love it! It just has a beautiful rich sheen to it not too metallic. More of a luster. (I bought a LV and the Botkier at the same time and I love the botkier 100% more than the LV!) The leather feel rich and I love the texture to it, very high quality. Go for it!

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  12. I really like it, Botkier is really coming on strong these days! Love the blue, Inky Paws is right more of a pearlescent than out right metallic. Let us know!
  13. I was really digging this bag with the same colour, i.e. Blue stirup, until I saw it in person. The bag is too stiff for me, it somehow doesn't look nice on my shoulder. I am small so a stiff bag like the stirup looks funny on me.

    I was never into Balenciaga, didn't understand the craze about it. But now you gals changed me, I think it looks really nice with jeans. I only wish I could see one in person and feel how soft the leather is here in Canada!
  14. I think the style on this bag is really nice and chic, though I wonder about the color as well...I think it would be really nice if it wasn't too metallic in person. As for the Trigger bag, it is really nice....saw it in person recently and it was so cute with this girl's outfit! If you don't like the tassels, you could always get it without the tassels....custom order it with the tabs!

    Here are some other cute things I think they have out for the both the metallic champagne and ocean color- includes the clutch, the lexi and the east west satchel


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