Botkier St Tropez Satchel

  1. Yay or Nay on this bag...
  2. yay :tup:
  3. Ooh! It is nice do you know what other colors???
  4. White
  5. Yay. I like it even better in white/gold for the spring/summer season.
  6. yay... really nice.
  7. It looks SO squishy. Loving it.
  8. I thought it was really cute online but then I saw it in person in Bloomie's and thought it was only OK. Try to see one in person or make sure you can return, is my advice.
  9. Yay!
  10. Love it! The leather looks really soft.

    I've also seen the black canvas one with the leather mesh over it. Has anyone seen that one? Not sure what I think of the canvas.
  11. Yay!
  12. Yay.
  13. Not sure....I think I'd have to see it IRL first.
  14. I think the bag is alright. From afar, I see the appeal of it. But when I held one at their recent sample sale, it reminded me of other brands, such as hayden harnett and anna corinna. It didn't scream "Botkier" to me, like their other styles. It may be because the one I was holding was a one-of-a-kind sample, which was made in a luggage brown color that didn't make it to production, but the leather def. was not up to par to what Botkier normally offers. Another con about it was that after I put it on my shoulder, my upper arm completely blocked off the middle design, leaving the bag with almost no appeal. I'm not completely shooing this bag away, because it may be because mine was a sample and quality was not packed into it. So as advice, for those whose interested in it I'd highly recommend seeing it in person, or have the option of returning it. I think I rambled on too much, so I'll keep my fingers off the keyboards now.
  15. I like it!