Botkier spring

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  1. I think these are kinda cute for Botkier spring, the metallic champagne and ocean colors, and the clutch, lexi and east west satchel....

    what do you guys think? Other Botkiers?

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  2. I really like the ocean color and the last two bags caught my eye when I preview the spring collection as well!
  3. wow,, just realized that this thread matches one made 5 days ago "Botkier 2006" by Andrex....interesting enough, we both picked 2 same bags out of 3 posted!!:biggrin:- the ocean east west satchel and the metallic clutch!
  4. I thought I was feeling a little deja vu!
    I like the EW bag!
  5. me too, shade and style....but is it too similar to balenciaga?!

  6. I love the third one! The color reminds of summer!
  7. OT: this resembles the colour of the tourquoise charlotte!!
    sprry for the OT
  8. love the color - but still not too excited about the shapes....
  9. I like the third one....slightly different than the Trigger. The color is fabulous!
  10. i totally love the colour of the last 2, but i quite like the first one too... :smile:
  11. ohhh, this hazelnut color is pretty nice too, and the taupe sheen (older season) .

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