Botkier Spring/Summer 2007

  1. Hi all!

    For all you Botkier fans out there, I just wanted to let you know that the spring/summer 2007 line is up...nothing spectacular, but you can decide for yourself.

  2. Thanks!!!!!!!! I'll go check it out!
  3. already checked it out! still love the bianca. and the sasha is pretty nice too.
  4. I love the devon clutch but I think the sasha looks abit like the paddington?

  5. oh you're right, there's a huge resemblence. didn't notice till you put the pics next to each other. i still think its' nice though :smile:
  6. I like the large sophie tote in pony, but barely. I wonder if the leather is nice and smushy? There was a picture in the Weekend Wall Street Journal of a Botkier clutch for spring that I'm not seeing on the website. It was cloth and around $300. Crazy money for what it was.
    Hmm, I wonder what she does with the bags that used to be on the site. I'm not seeing any triggers.
  7. I'm kind of bummed about no Triggers...I was hoping there would be some awesome Spring Colors like the past Grass Green & cool metallics..
  8. Yeah the colors seem very blah.
  9. Eh... I'm not impressed. I prefer the older styles, they seem more original/unique.

    I do like the snakeskin Bianca though:
  10. I agree. The collection thus far is nothing to write home about. However, the bag listed above and below, yummy...I wonder how much its going for.

  11. creighbaby - wasn't this devon clutch the one featured in WSJ?


    While there are a couple of ok pieces, some of the stuff isnt appealing to me.