Botkier Spring '08 is on website!

  1. Okay ladies, what do you think of the new spring styles? I used to be a Botkier fan, but have migrated to Belen Echandia lately.

    But, there are some noteworthy new styles here. For instance, what do you think of the pleated silver/pewter-ish Marysia hobo? It's on the "viewing 17-24" page. Sorry, can't attach flash images.

  2. It's been online for over a week now, but you haven't been able to order anything via the site, OR check out the different colors for each bag.


    I saw a bag in NM last weekend that I really want, but I wanted to see it online again first, and now I can't. I didn't check the tag to see the style name & color, so I wanted to do it online.

    I've been checking the site every day for the entire week, and it is still not "finished".


  3. I can't wait to see some of those in person, esp. some of the shoes - too cute!
  4. I like the looks of them from what I see.
    My preliminary favorites

    Frankie Large Satchel (but only if it comes in a non-metallic color, they have a silvery color shown)

    Lita Medium Satchel

    Nicole Tote

    and I still love the sasha duffles and biancas...can't wait to see the new colors.
  5. I like some of those :smile:
  6. Omg Purple!
  7. I like the Sasha duffle but none of the others really grab me. Sometimes new styles take a little longer to grow on me...
  8. Meh. Nothing I can't live without. And no online sample sale as promised, either!

    I kind of like the gladiator tote but that's about it so far.
  9. i do NOT like the new website at all very hard to navigate and annoying
  10. Botkier has NEVER had a good website. They've just been varying degrees of suck.
  11. ^haha :smile: I agree totally i guess i just got "used" to figuring out how to use the last one, and this new one has me back at UGH ill just looK @ their bags on a dif. site! :smile:
  12. I absolutely, totally, without a doubt, agree!
  13. Love the yellow Frankie. So pretty!