Botkier Sophie?

  1. I am DESPERATE for this bag. I waited a little too long for the Sophie (large or small just not the satchel) on Shopbop and I missed it! I really want to pay $450 or less in basically any color. Any suggestions or know of any sites? You guys are so good with finding deals!
  2. I saw one on eBay in the raisin color a great buy at buy it now for I think $389.00. And the Seller is highly recommended.
  3. It does help. Thanks!
  4. Active Endeavors still has it with "apologies" for 25% off!
  5. I was just at the Nordstrom at the Houston Galleria yesterday and bought myself a Sasha Duffle in Bordeaux and I love it...BUT I also saw a Bordeaux (reddish color) small Sophie for $374! I called this morning and it is still there (I can't put it on hold though because I am at work) but call 832-201-2700 and ask to be transferred to the purse section. I will be SO HAPPY if a TPFer gets it b/c that way it'll stop my temptations :p:woohoo:
  6. I got it!

    First she told me they only had the large and I was like "Ummm maybe check again" and I was worried someone had already scooped it up but nope, it was still there. And on top of it, I had a gift card which made it that much more delicious! Thank you so much - you girls are always such a huge help!
  7. YAY! I am so happy! I was looking for another bag and yes the SA is not very good at describing things hehe. Again CONGRATS!! :yahoo::woohoo::tup:
  8. Yeah! I'm so happy for you!
  9. It looks like you already got your bag, but I just wanted to let you know there was also on in Ink at the Nordstrom in Tysons Corner, VA yesterday. I tried to check out the price, but it was too crowded and there was too many people in the way! Just fyi;)
  10. My local Nordstrom had both Sophie styles in a dark red color AND in the Ink color - for $374 each!

    This was yesterday, and they had multiples of each bag. It was the Providence location.
  11. That's great! Congrats!
  12. I really wanted the Sophie too...but please be aware that it scratches SO easily - ESPECIALLY in the bordeaux color. They had one at my home store - and it was scratched up so bad...and even I tested it and a light light stroke of the nail made a noticeable mark.

    I'm not sure how the other colors fair...but just thought I'd share this!
  13. i got the small tote in ink!!! I just called and at first he couldn't find it, but he checked a second time and I got it! The best part is that I bought this EXACT bag for full price less than a month ago but haven't used it, so i can return that one :smile:)))) YAY!! thanks so much for posting this!
  14. PS: The SA also said he would put some lotion on it to make it all soft and pretty, but yes, this is the type of leather that shows marks easily - however, the ink is far better than the bordeaux for hiding marks. The light grey shows marks easily too :sad: