Botkier Sophie Small Tote

  1. I've always liked the look of the Sophie Tote, and I just realized they make a smaller version of it with longer straps. Does anyone know where I can find one? I thought it was a fall 07 bag, but I can't find one anywhere. Nordstrom is all sold out. Please help! TIA!!
  2. They have the Sopie satchel on sale at if that's any help. I have it and it's a gorgeous bag with long straps.
  3. Thanks, but I'm actually looking for the tote, not the satchel.
  4. I know you are asking for help finding it, but do you by chance have a picture? I know the Sophie tote and satchel from fall 06 (I think), but can't picture a smaller tote. Thanks!
  5. Nevermind, just found the Nordstrom pic!
  6. Here it is:
  7. wow gorgeous! i haven't seen it, but i'll keep my eyes peeled.
  8. are there two kinds of shade of gray?. i saw one from the funkylala website and it said grey but it didnt look as dark as this. does anyone have any actual photos of the bag?. thanks!!!
  9. I got mine at Nordstrom. I LOVE it. Probably my favorite bag.
  10. hey there. yes there are two greys but the light grey one is from last spring 2007 and has a shinier or more polished finish. it is like a light dove grey. the darker grey is from fall 2007 which is the one has and the one norstrom had, too. its distressed leather and has a matte finish that scratches easier. it's not as polished as the original version of this bag from spring 2007. gee i sound like i work for botkier but i don't. i just love em and own 2 of them (and just ordered my 3rd this wk) haha. the small one is great for every day and the larger one is great if you need to bring a big make up bag or a pair of shoes or change of clothes or something. just had a sale i think it was 25% off of everything with its coupon code . not sure if it's still going on. anyway, you will love your sophie tote if you get it. i get tons of compliments on mine!!
  11. i just ordered this one, it was from spring 2007 and is the large size but i loved the color so i had to get it!!! what do you think? too bad it wasn't on sale. oh well!
  12. wow modelina, lovely purchase!!!! so envious!!! that color is so yummy!! is that the large you ordered? well, dont forget to post pics when you get it. ;)

    i havent decided yet on what color sophie to get. funkylala had a sale for easter but is now over (too bad!!!) but i called them this morning and said they might have another one in a few i guess ill wait for that. i am torn between the grey on funkylala (hoping that it is the dark gray) and the ink color from nords. is the small too small or is it just the perfect size. do you happen to have any modeling pics of your sophies? btw. what colors do you own?
  13. hey there! i have it in black (the small one) and raisin (in the big one). i liked the dark grey one better than the ink blue one but i think it's because i don't wear much blue. i actually had the small one in the medium grey but i sold it since i have it in black. will try and get some photos up soon of mine. :smile: yeah, that's the larger size in the honey but it did come in the small size, too. the smaller one isn't too small. i use it as an every day bag and it fits a sweater even...not sure how much you carry..i carry the usual (wallet, make up, daily planner, small brush, lotion. i use the larger one for when i have a change of clothes or my big make up bag. hope that helps! good luck.;)
  14. i just realized that has modeling photos of both of the sizes!
  15. ^ thanks!!! looking forward to seeing those pics!!!