Botkier small bianca satchel for $242.55 at

  1. Several of us tried to order this bag, then the order was cancelled by Bloomies.
  2. yup, bloomies canceled my order too. shame that they still have it up on their site.
  3. Yeah, in my experience when they say something is back-ordered it will not ship.
  4. Well that sucks. :yucky:
  5. I only will order items from them that say "ship in 5 days!" from my passed experience all that says "44 days" will eventually get cancel by Bloomies. I don't understand why they don't just remove the item if they don't have it in stock!
  6. Same here. I had my bags canceled numerous times. But somehow, my UGG came after one month! I ordered them on Nov 11th 2007, the expected ship date was in Feb 2008 but it came in mid December. Weird... I can't figure out how Bloomingdales operates. Sometimes they cancel my order but put the same item up for sale after couple days. Perhaps they get additional items miraculously from somewhere? :confused1:
  7. mine gone too