Botkier skeleton drawstring?

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  1. what do you guys think? Im thinking of getting it. On the website it's 495 and 695 but both are the same confused about that..maybe i should get it before they correct(maybe) their mistake?!

  2. I have never purchased this designer...However its a GREAT looking bag!
  3. Sexy bag! Snatch it up!
  4. Sometimes botkier has promotions on certain colors. I have the convertible, and their leather is quite nicely soft yet durable. I like the edginess of this bag, never seen it before, is it one of their new styles?
  5. I think it's only available at NM. I love it but I'm too cheap to buy something I can't get a deal on.
  6. i love the new bags that just appeared on botkiers site..... the tote! i also like that satchel despite the boob comments...