Botkier Skeleton bag?

  1. Does anybody own or know someone who does? What do you/they think of them?
  2. Do you have a photo?
  3. [​IMG]

    Here's a pic
  4. I think that's a cool bag!
  5. i love this bag. especially the green and white one. it is on sale everywhere.
  6. Yeps, that's what I'm looking at right now. I'm considering buying it. I love the green leaf design. I didn't know they were on sale everywhere...Maybe I should wait to see if it goes for a lower price!:graucho:

    I'm just concerned that the pieces of leather will catch on things.

    It is indeed huge, but that's int right now, right?
  7. Swanky, i was just going to say that - NM has it for 313.00 - 1/2 the original price. the white and the green. someone needs to buy this purse. Shopbop's price isn't as good, but check the sizes - there is a big and a small in this design. shopbops might be the big one.
  8. 13 1/2"H x 18"W x 5"D are the dimension for the bag for sale at NM
    15" H x 21"L are the dimensions for the one at shop bop

    So the NM must be the smaller one...

    I wonder if it makes that much of a difference. I'm really loving this bag!
  9. I like it in any color! There was a really good deal a while back on the website, the medium green was selling for $225 back then. You might be able to find a similar deal if you wait. But don't wait if you really want it!
  10. I LOVE this bag!!! I might have to buy one too. It's very edgey and unique looking. this bag has some personality!!
  11. I LOVE the green leafy one.
    It does look huge but half the time I think the bag size looks larger because of the anorexic models. What is up with these stick thin girls holding these HUGE bags. I think it skews the buyers perception. There is one model holding a Kooba that actually looks like she could fit in the bag.
  12. Its looks okay...but I am not in love with it....
  13. I actually just order a white one from NM today and found this thread. LOL!
    I think the measurement is off on NM base on the retail price before the markdown. The smaller size one retails for $495 and large retails for $645. I love the look of this bag :smile:
  14. I actually have the green leaf bag, medium size. Bought it from Botkier's site. The color is not white, it's actually more of an ivory. I've had it for about 2 mths and the ivory has gotten a little darker. I get a lot of compliments on it.