Botkier Skeleton Bag -- Nice or Not?

  1. What do you guys think of this bag? Does anyone have it?

  2. not for me..
  3. I saw it at NM and didn't really like it.
  4. I saw it this past weekend and I did not like it at all.
  5. Sorry. Don't like it/
  6. I like the name - but not the bag.
  7. I don't like many leather strips for me
  8. I kind of like it, but I'd worry about the strips getting caught !
  9. nope
  10. Just doesn't work for me...
  11. no.. i don't like it
  12. I'm not a fan either. There is too much going on.
  13. i think it's too busy, if it didn't have those straps going around the bag i think it would be cute
  14. not! sorry, but that's some fugly bag
  15. I think its cute :biggrin:
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