Botkier Shipping?

  1. I am looking at purchasing a stirrup in Metallic Pearl. When I went through the checkout and my shipping options popped up, they ranged from $76-$21! What? Seriously? Has anyone ordered a bag from them recently? What was the shipping on it?

    Just seems a bit much to me.
  2. The $76 is for overnight shipping and the $21 is for regular ground UPS just depends on how fast you want your bag.
  3. Yeah...Botkier shipping prices are outrageously high...I bought a bag before Christmas and it cost me $25 to ship
  4. Actually $25 is not that high if you consider the insurance costs to cover the high dollar bags. But it depends on the shipping method, too. UPS covers up to a certain amount, and additional insurance is extra, but I know that retailers must have some sort of deal with their shippers.
  5. It just seemed steep to me. I guess because I bought a few things from the NM site a few days ago and shipping altogether was $5-now that was a special, but I still shipped multiple items. Thanks for the info, it is good to know that those rates are just apparently how they do things!
  6. Well, their bags are like 75% off it is an awesome deal regardless of the shipping!!!

    I bought the exact same bag you are getting now for $275 from Eluxery a while back for $650 and their shipping was $21 on it. so it really is not bag!