Botkier satchel medium or large?

  1. Help! I am trying to decide on the Botkier satchel medium or large size. I have never seem them IRL. I only saw one, and I believe it was the small size because it was way too small for me. What do you think about the sizes? Is the medium big enough for an everyday bag in your opinion?? Thanks!!!!!! I saw the 20% off coupon on the botkier site. Any other recommendations on Botkier bags you love? I just recently fell in love with these bags after visiting this forum.
  2. I used to have the large Bianca, but I traded it in for the medium. I loved the large, but it was just a bit too looked great, but I was always fishing for my keys, phone, etc. The medium is the perfect size IMO :smile:
  3. i have a medium bianca bag and its the PERFECT size...not too big and def not too small! i was worried that it wasn't going to be big enough (bc i tend to like not huge but bigger bags) and im really glad that i got the medium! ive had it for 1 1/2 years and i still wear it all the time! the leather is sooo soft! good luck!
  4. Depends on how much you carry with you on a daily basis, I think. If you're one of those girls that carries her life with you then you may need to go with the large since it's huge, but honestly I think the medium is a perfect size; you can definitely fit a wallet, water bottle, brush, and all of your other necessities without wasting space like the large. If you want to carry your lunch, kitchen sink, and sneakers, you may want to go for the large :p. And yes, LOVE the leather on this.

    For comparison, here's the same model holding a black medium and a large pearlized cognac:

  5. I have a medium Bianca and I think it's the perfect size. It holds everything I need, but doesn't look too big.
  6. Thanks! I LOVE the medium in that photo lithiumpearl!
  7. I would always say large just because I love big bags so much. To me the bigger the better so I guess I am kind of biast!

    Both are really lovely though, good luck!
  8. i also love bigger bag so i g for the big one :p