botkier sasha tote: how big is it?

  1. would this fit a standard spiral notebook or two, for example? tia!
  2. more like 5's huge!! i think it might even fit my laptop. my dog fits..haha
  3. oopie.. i made a mistake i misread it for the sasha duffel. sorry, i got you all excited...
  4. I just bought a Botkier Sasha Tote from the sale this week.

    It is a medium sized bag. And yes, you can fit in two spiral ringed notebooks in one side, no extra room though. I did so last night during a writers meeting. Keep in mind though, it is NOT a big bag. Also, the top remains open. It is only closed by a little flap, you can see it in the interior photo.

    Here are my photos.
    botSashaToteFront.jpg botSashaToteSide.jpg botsashatoteinterior.jpg botSashaToteBottom.jpg
  5. It's the best work Bag I ever saw. I sold mine because my work doesn't involve needing a bag that has this much organizational assets but it sure is perfect for that. Looks like it'll be very durable too.
  6. oh, perfect! i got one from the sale too, and i was starting to regret that it wasnt big enough for notebooks. but this sounds pefect! i cannot wait to get it :smile:)
    ladysales rep, when did you buy it? i still have not gotten word of when mine will arrive, my emails to them have gone ignored. i ordered on the 15th.
  7. I ordered it on the first day of the sale and got it this past Wednesday.