Botkier Sasha Tote $298! Sasha Duffle $348!

  1. Halzer..thanks for the link!! :tup: Never heard of this store before!!
  2. is it legit??
  3. I keep refreshing this page, hoping someone knows of this site before I grab that duffle! I can't find the search button for the forum, or I'd try checking it that way. Anyone know if this site is legit?
  4. Head Games
    Faneuil Hall Marketplace
    Bull Market
    Boston, MA 02109

    Head Games
    95 Union Street
    Newton Centre, MA 02459

    I'd certainly think so with these addresses!:rolleyes:
  5. Well, I couldn't resist and placed an order for the Sasha duffle in black. We'll see what happens. I want to give them a call and find out if they allow returns on sales items and cancel if they don't.
    In the meantime, I'm going to hold on to my NM order in brown until tomorrow. I'll post on the other thread if I end up cancelling.
  6. With you on that. Couldn't resist either, as I've been trying to grab one at NM at the sale price and couldn't. Was even debating paying full price at Bloomies as I just wanted this duffle, and in black! Hope it works out for both of us!

    And, Halzer, thanks so much for posting this! I've been checking multiple times each day for some sale on just this duffle! Thanks!:tup:
  7. I'm in the minority, but I absolutely love the Botkier Sasha Tote. I just purchased one from Nordies for $374 and I couldn't resist this price. I hope it works out.

    Thank you so much Halzer. :yahoo:
  8. I think they are legit. I really wanted a smaller duffle bag but they only had the large size, so I placed an order. Im in the UK so I was hesitant at first as its not like I can pay them a visit if things went wrong. Now a small duffle has cropped up from somewhere else, so I emailed them and asked if I could cancel the order. They were very nice in their emails ( 'Nora' helped me and she was great!) and they allowed me to cancel the order. I think if they were dodgy they would have stumbled around, or maybe not even have let me cancel the order at all.
    Hope to see your pics of all your purchases! :yes:

  9. IKNY - It did say all sale items are final, but they do look legit to me.
  10. Yes, thank you. I noticed it after I placed the order and they also replied to my email stating the same. I do agree - I think they are legit, my only hesitation is that I haven't seen the bag IRL and wanted to be able to return it if I don't like it. But I think at this price I should be able to eBay it if I really want to. We'll see...:s

    And I also wanted to thank Halzer for the post, truly amazing deal!
  11. All gone... Botkier Cairo satchel in sapphire left...

    Thanks, Halzer!
  12. Their sale prices for Aleya bags are AMAZING! Check it out!
  13. WOW! You guys cleaned them out of their botkiers!!!! :nuts:
    Im glad the link was useful!