Botkier Sasha Shoulder Tote

  1. I love this bag. It is a perfect size with 3 compartments a flap for quick access on the front with satchel handles and a removable shoulder strap. I have a Kipling bag that is only available in the UK that is similar to this and I love it. I have seen this bag at Blooms and it is fantastic. Just the right size, soft and great looking. However the price at $595. scares me. Anyone out there have leads on where I might be able to get a little discount. Or has anyone seen a similar style??
  2. Hi bellac, I really like this bag too and I've been stalking it on-line. Have yet to find a really good deal on the color I want. I'd like chocolate. Active Endeavors has the bag in army for $595. Here's the link:

    There are a bunch of codes floating around for Active Endeavors. Do a little search and I believe you could come up with one for 25% off. Again, they only seem to have the army color though.
  3. "apologies" still works for 25% off