Botkier Sasha or Gustto Setela? Which one?

  1. gustto.jpg botkier.jpg
  2. The first one looks HUGE! The second one is large too, but it seems to be a little smaller maybe. I'd go for the second one.
  3. I like the Setela in this case even though I love Botkiers. The more I see the Sasha the more I dislike the buckled straps on the front. The Setela is such a charming bag. One day I may have to find one.
  4. Have you seen the pics of Angelina Jolie w/her Sasha Duffle? It looks like she took the handles off so that you don't have the straps & big buckles - It actually looks kinda cool (although I wouldn't do that cuz I'd probably use the handles more than the strap).
  5. One thing I wonder about the Setela - for those of you who own one or have seen it in person - does it look much like a Bowling Bag? I haven't seen this bag in person yet, but in some pics, it's shape reminds me of a Bowling Ball Bag. Maybe it depends on how you stuff it, but I just wondered.
  6. they are both so pretty!
    then again I am a fan of both brands hahaa

    I wanted to buy the Black Sasha tote - but when I placed the order in at Active Endeavors it emailed me back in an hours or so saying it was sold out! THE 2ND TIME! I am rather discouraged from buying from them simply because everytime I placed an order for something they were sold out of it after I placed the order... its frustrating on my part...

    Are you concerned about weight? I have picked up both and the Setela is much lighter by comparison...

    I would want both! So I can't help you decide hahaa!
  7. Well the thing is - the bag is really light and slouchy.. so when you put it down it will definitely not retain its shape - but when you put it on you can see the shape but it is really not that stiff...

    Am I making any sense? haha
  8. I get what you're saying! Weight isn't too much of an issue, although I would prefer a lighter bag. I've actually been leaning towards the Sasha mainly because of the dual handles/shoulder strap. Although I like to carry my bags on my arms, there are times I need to put it on my shoulder, and I don't think the Setela would fit nicely on my shoulder (esp if I had on a heavier jacket). I also don't like it when a bag sits directly under my armpit (I have to walk to work & in the summer when it's hot, that could lead to an unpleasant occurrence!!!) But I have had my eye on the Setela ever since I first started seeing them.
  9. for those of you who have suggested the Setela - how well does the lining hold up? For such nice bags, I always thought Gustto linings looked kinda "cheapie." They could at least do them in black or ivory - did they have to choose canary yellow???
  10. :roflmfao: I totally agree! I am not a fan of that yellow!
    I also love the Setela since it came out! I am desperately waiting for one to go on sale so I can get one!
  11. I would go for the Botkier.

    I LOVE the shape and the look of the Gustto, but don't think that the quality is up to par for the price. I ordered a large Setela from SummerBlu when they were having their extra 40% off. I really liked the bag -- and for less than $400 I loved the price! -- but after one day of wearing the strap was coming apart. They allowed me to return it for an exchange, but I'm still waiting for the replacement bag nearly two weeks later. Sigh.

    Considering the bags are about the same price point I think that Botkier quality is far superior. If you're ordering from Active use "apologies" for 25% off.
  12. I was lusting over the Botker Sasha duffle yesterday and finally saw it at Nordstrom. The strap leather (across the front) and the leather of the body of the bag are two different types: one's hard, the latter is squishy, with a kind of sheen. Made we wonder how well the thing would age. Anyway, I passed on it. See if you can see these in person to decide.
  13. i just got a gustto and the leather is amazing! i've also owned botkiers and i don't think the leather wears as well although they are GORGEOUS!!!!
  14. I love the botkier sasha!!
  15. Mrs. Depoint==can you explain more about what you mean -- which parts have different leather?

    Iluvmybags--I think I see handles on Angelina's bag....

    silversea--have you had a Gustto before your new one? Just wondering why you think the Gustto leather will wear better.