Botkier sasha modelling pics

  1. I remember seeing a thread for it before but i can't find it anymore! Does anyone have any modelling pics with their botkier sasha? I'm debating whether I want one but want to see how it looks on someone first.

  2. I have pics of my old sasha duffel in bordeaux (only "old" on the sense that i don't own it anymore) - one with flash and one without, both of me wearing a sweatshirt and holding my 2 month old :smile:
    DARN! they won't upload :yucky: sorry!
  3. Here are modelling of the normal Sasha size (not the small). I'm 162cm and 120 pounds.
    I just love this bag and because it slouches so nicely it doesn't look to big.
    Botkier 018.jpg Botkier 019.jpg
  4. ^Wow! That looks great on you!
  5. Are you asking about the tote or the duffel? I just purchased the Botkier Sasha Tote in Bordeaux from Nordies yesterday for almost 1/2 off. I absolutely love this bag. It looks like it's going to be structured, but it's really buttery soft and smooshy. I took some pictures yesterday for another thread and I'll add one of me with it (but not much of me). I'm totally not showered and I'm wearing a big old Ohio State (go bucks!) sweatshirt with yoga pants 'cuz I'm finally taking down Chritmas.:shame:
    sasha.JPG MVC-021F.JPG sasha inside.JPG sasha puddle.JPG sasha slouch (2).jpg
  6. Thank you, purse!:shame::ty:
  7. Thanks guys! Thats exactly what i'm looking for
  8. This is gorgeous!! The color looks even better in your pics than on the websites!
  9. The color is a subtle red that leans toward wine. It seems to go with anything. There is someone selling one on eBay today for $384. There is also a chocolate and an army green. I'd like to buy them all but I think the DH will kill me.:graucho:
  10. Agreed! Tanja, you look great! :yes: