Botkier Sasha Duffle

  1. I sadly canceled my reservation for a Botkier Sasha Duffle. I saw these pics on AE and realize the bag is LUGGAGE! Beautiful but waaaay to big for what I need. Isn't it gorgeous though?


  2. It does have an exotic grainy feel to it, but I agree waaay to big for an everyday bag..

    It also depends on your size, since many ladies pull off large bags very beautifully!!
  3. Wow, that is BIG! Does it come in a smaller version? That would be cuter.
  4. In terms of size, it's wierd because the dimensions on some of the big store sites (Nieman's, Bergdorf) are much smaller, which made me wonder if there was a smaller version....
  5. I noticed those pics earlier today! Its very weird - the bag looks way different on AE than on the other sites. Different size? Different setting on the straps? I'm really curious to see this in person because I really love the pics on the JC Madison site. If it looks like the AE pics, it will save me some money.
  6. Hey, I'm getting one too(in glass) this is what the bronze looks like...Amazing..though the bag is huge, all you have to do is rock it out...and make sure you do not almost knock anyone on to the Metro tracks( like I have done a couple of times in DC!!)...For accurate sizing, check the official Botkier website;)
  7. Well, there is 3 different types. The Large bag that turns into a duffle shown above, then the Hobo, and then a Satchel. My husband says that the model weighs 65 lbs so that adds to the perception.

    I've checked out all the different sites but any way I look at it, for me, and my everyday items, it's just not reasonable. Too bad cause that Bronze is the Bomb.

    Here's the pic that made me fall in love...

  8. I saw this bag in person at NM. In terms of size, I thought it looked more like the above photo than the AE photo. I wonder if the AE model is very small or the bag is stuffed or is a larger size.
  9. I agree with you Lex - the two bags look completely different! The one at the top is pretty fug. Too big and it looks like burlap. No thanks!
  10. I don't think there is a smaller version. It seems NM & BG often list the wrong dimensions. According to the Botkier site, the width is 17". I think the AE model is really tiny and makes the bag look gigantic.

    Anyway, I am really considering this bag. I don't care for the duffle look but I just love the hobo/shoulder bag look in the AE photo. The Pudding and Creme color are my favorite...
  11. I'm planning on buying the sasha hobo. I tried it on and it was gorgeous and the perfect size for me. :heart: Botkier.
  12. I just saw it yesterday, I's one gorgeous bag, and would be perfect as a sleepover bag, but too big for everyday, at least IMO :yes:
  13. Whenever anyone gets this bag could they please post some IRL pics? I can't get a grip on it until I see it in a real pic. Websites and Model pics have a way of making the bag almost impossible to capture it's essence.

    I just went back and read my last line. I had to laugh because most peope would think I was mad talking about the "essence" of a bag. But it does have one, doesn't it??? (Lexie needing validation)
  14. I would love to see some IRL pics, too. Also, anybody have an idea on the best way to get a discount on this, even if it means waiting for a sale or so?