BOTKIER Sasha Duffle vs BALENCIAGA City - Similarities??

  1. Do you find that a Balenciaga City (medium) bag (in black) and a Botkier Sasha Duffle (also in black) look similar when carried? They both have those whip-stitched double handles. Both have a longer shoulder strap that causes the bag to curve upward (like a hobo) when carried on the shoulder. And both have a soft body made of very soft leathers.

    At a quick glance, would you confuse one bag for the other??
  2. do u have pic of the botkier? not familiar with the brand :p
  3. No, I don't think they are so similar that I would confuse them at a glance. The Bal is distinct because of the tassles which the Botkier doesn't have.
  4. Is this it?

    Maybe a quick glance it would look like a balenciaga, but it wouldn't fool me for long.
  5. i just bought an andrew marc that looks like a balenciaga...i've owned
    a b bag as well...i hate to say this (after having spent 1000+ on b bag) but i like the andrew marc better...the leather is smooshy and soft, but sturdy and there a reason you're concerned about it? do you feel it would look like a "knock off?" i love botkiers and think they're amazing...