Botkier Sasha Duffle or Rebecca Minkoff Nikki Hobo? Any input appreciated!

  1. Hi ladies,
    My indecisiveness is driving me nuts. Would you mind kindly giving me your opinion again please?

    If you could only keep one, which would you choose: Botkier Sasha Duffle (small size) or Rebecca Minkoff Nikki Hobo? I'm looking for something to use for years. I'm mid-20s with very few one-season-only/trendy items in my closet. Not a fan of super big bags, either.

    (For the Botkier, I'm concerned about the recent complaints of quality. For the Minkoff, I'm a little iffy on the metal feet on the bottom.)

    Or neither?



    or RM:

    I appreciate any input!! Thank you :smile:
  2. Violinistgirl, which complaints are you speaking of re: the Botkier?
  3. I read that thread and concluded that there were no big consistent problems with quality. And I do love the looks of that duffle; the small one is cute. That's my vote (but buy at a store with a good return policy and a discount code).
  4. I have the Sasha duffle so I'm biased :tup: I have not had any quality issues with mine, although I don't use it as an everyday bag (I tend to carry it when I travel). The leather is really soft and smooshy, though it's not what I'd call thick/sturdy. I love its convertibility and unique styling; I've not seen the RM Nikki but I think the bucket/hobo style is more common. I don't think you can go wron with either but I'd vote for the Botkier!
  5. I like the Sasha, but I'm not a fan of any hobo. The small one's cute.
  6. I have the RM Nikki Hobo in navy and have to say that I love the feet on the bottom so that the leather doesn't get scratched when I put it down. that said, it is a big bag so if you are not a fan of big bags, you might want to skip it. Also, there is no real structure to it so when you put it down it just sort of slouches. It really depends on what you are looking for.
  7. hey i have the rm nikki in the reg size and the mini and it is the best bag ever!!! the leather so rich and expensive looking le t alone it is not cheap. i get so many compliments. get the rm nikki hobo you will not be disappointed.
  8. I really love the RM. It's a gorgeous bag.
  9. My vote is for the RM Nikki. It's gorgeous!
  10. Rm!!!
  11. RM Nikki! Hands down!
  12. I just held the Sasha today at Nordstroms and I love it. In fact, the chocolate may be my next purchase. My vote is for that one, but they are both great choices.
  13. Thank you for helping me, everyone!!! I prefer the RM much more, but still, those darn feet bother me. I do know they serve a purpose.

    I doubt he'd want you ladies to know--my bf modeled it for me today, and I pretty much just saw those 8 shiny silver studs conspicuously stuck on the dark black bag as he walked away.

    :push: The quality, the shape, the details...oh so nice!

    Should I have a problem with the feet? As always, you can let me know if you've other suggestions, too, please.
  14. Silly me! Pics!

    (For some reason, after seeing the pics, I kinda like the Botkier again. Hehe.)
    Botkier.jpg Minkoff.jpg Minkoff studs.jpg Minkoff studss.jpg