botkier sasha duffle in creme?

  1. what do you think of it? i really want it, does anyone have pics of it? i cant believe the price though. :sad:
  2. i bought it on sale long ago from nordie but had total buyer's remorse and returned it, like an idiot :sad: the leather was buttery soft and thin so i worried about getting it dirty, but i still want it. has it, is that where you saw it? the price shouldnt be any different than the other sasha duffles...
  3. yeah. it's just that the color makes it look reeeally thin and flimsy but i LOVE the color.
  4. I wanted this bag in this colour when I saw it on Angelina Jolie. I think the price is great! I have only seen it in black in my city though.
  5. the leather IS thin and flimsy but it's supposed to be. same as the jean leather - sooo pretty though...did you search for codes for funkylala??
  6. eh i think ill pass on this bag. :/
  7. I saw this bag on the sale table at NM Newport Beach this past weekend, I can't remember the price though? It was the smaller suffle size.
  8. are you sure to get a rainbow bag ? Leather is soft and I love it but , it's very easy to get a colour transfer,no matter what you wear..I cannot even put it on eBay :sad: