Botkier Sasha Duffel owners--how has it held up?

  1. Still considering this as a work bag.....have any of you used this one day in and day out and how is it holding up?
  2. I am still lusting after this bag also!!! :drool: I want one at a super great price though. :yes:
  3. I have the small one in pewter and its held up great so far...only had it for a couple months, I love it! And I always get compliments because the color spices up my outfits=), it holds everything I normally need from everyday essentials such as keys and cell phone to my things I always carry or choose to carry such as digital camera, notebook, planner, bible...I use at school as well and its great, not heavy at all, very sturdy, and the exterior as well as interior are gorgeous=)
  4. Can anyone provide a modeling pic so i can see exactly how big it is?
  5. Great idea....I've been debating between the small and mini.
  6. Thanks; would love to hear about its durability.
  7. Anyone have a small Sasha??? What's it like?

    I'm thinking you have the best of both worlds....a hand-held bag and hobo!!!
  8. dang it...i would show you guys the model pics of my pewter but Im at my apartment next to school (finals time=() and my sasha is at home a couple of hours awayyyy in its dust cover in my closet....:sad:
  9. This is the small Sasha that I purchased 2 months ago. I didn't keep it, though, for some reason :confused1:....

    Hope that helps a bit!

  10. The small is quite generous!! I like it!

    Why didn't you keep it may I ask???

  11. That looks more like the regular size (it's the same size as my black one which I bought earlier this summer) - did they come out with one that's larger than the original?

    I have this bag in black and used it all summer - I took the train to & from work & walked from the train station to the office & back again - the bag was wonderful. So easy to carry. It can hold a lot and isn't a very heavy bag at all - I love the dual straps and versatility. Carry it on your arm or in your hand, and it's a duffel (or satchel) - use the longer shoulder strap & VIOLA! You have a gorgeous, roomy hobo bag! It's a great bag to take shopping, as it can hold so much & easy to carry (hands-free!)

    I highly recommend this bag for ladies looking for a "work bag" or even a practical every day bag
  12. I'd love to get it in the 'jean" color!
  13. The look didn't suit me, and more importantly, I wasn't satisfied with the quality of the small Sasha, which I got in black. I purchased 2 from ActiveEndeavors and 1 from RevolveClothing--really long story--and interestingly, one bag's leather was stiffer and not very splooshy, though I'd never realize this if I hadn't compared them together.

    Also, I know it's the look, but I wanted a richer, deeper, true black, not the slightly faded, trendier look.

    Other minor things I didn't like were a crease in the leather that didn't disappear, slightly mismatched leather, and zippers that didn't run smoothly. The satchel handles didn't lie flat against the bag when I carried it as a duffle, too.

    Even though there were only a few negative reviews on the quality/durability of recent Botkiers (fall 2007), I chickened out and decided to return it and wait it out...

    I'm sure many others will tell you it's a great bag, but for me, I just never fell in love with it. :sad:
  14. Thanks so much for these thoughtful reviews.
  15. are you 100% thats the small one? cause that looks a lot like the one i have which i think is gigantic i dont see how it could be in any relm called small,,,