Botkier Sasha Duffel Bag In Chocolate $312.60 @ NM

  1. Gone! Good for you, ikny, and thanks, bag, for posting!
  2. Very cute! Someone get it!
  3. Whoops...congrats!
  4. :tup::tup: I hope that it doesn't get cancelled like my Chloe the other night. BTW...hours after you receive your email confirmation, you should log onto your online NM account to check the order. That's how I found out that mine was cancelled!! NM NEVER sent me a cancellation notice. :tdown:
  5. i was lucky enough to grab one of these in black yesterday- if it actually goes through. Can someone check the dimensions listed and tell me if they are correct? I thought the bag was bigger than that?
  6. Lucky you - I wish I got it in black too. But I guess I shouldn't complain, right? :smile:
    I'm pretty sure it's bigger than the dimensions listed, I think it's a mistake.
  7. well, my fingers are crossed, I hope you get yours too ;)
    i almost hesitated bc of the dimensions but I thought there was no way it was that small
  8. Hi ladies, I decided not to be greedy since I also ordered the Sasha in black from another site and am about to cancel my order for the brown one. I'll do it in a couple of minutes so if you're looking for one keep an eye on the NM site. Good luck!