Botkier sample sale

  1. Dec. 6-9
    Thursday and Friday 10-7
    Saturday and Sunday 11-6
    70 Greene Street (between Broome and Spring)

    50-70% off fall and winter styles and one of a kind samples

    I love this sale and have been able to get great presents for myself and also my sister.
  2. I LOVE them. Thanks for letting us know. The summer sale had great bags. I can't wait!:yes:
  3. Wow I really need to go!!! I wonder if they have the Tigger bag...
  4. OMG I wish I could go! Does anybody know if they will take orders over the phone or ship? *crosses fingers*
  5. i just got this email too!

    ohh i cant wait for this one :smile:
    I didnt go to the last one and heard there were some pretty good deals
    i will def. go to this one :smile:

    Anyone whos gone, is it a cash sale or CC? :smile: thanks!
  6. I can't go until Saturday, do they restock? Anyone think they might have Sophies?
  7. thanks for the info.. i wish i could go!!

  8. i used my credit card at the summer sale. i vaguely remember that if you pay by cash they don't charge tax. i could be totally wrong on that though.
  9. To the best of my knowledge, they don't do phone orders. However, after the last few sales they did add a bunch of sale bags to their site.

    I noticed them adding more bags to the sale tables as the day wore on. They had lots of current and older-style bags, including Sophie, Trigger, Biancas, etc. Prices started at $50 or $75 for slightly damaged Biancas.

    At the last sale, they took cash and credit cards. At the time, if you paid cash, there was no sales tax. The credit card line was very, very long.

    Again, this is what happened at the last sale and I have no idea what will happen next week.
  10. is there a number I can call to find out if they do phone orders i really want to go but im in cali so...TIA!
  11. do you remember what's the price on the sophie tote, doesn't matter large or small, i have to get one.
  12. I wonder if Sasha Duffels will be for sale? And for how much? Hmmm
  13. They unfortunately don't do phone orders. Or at least they haven't in the past. At the end of the sample sale, they add what's left to their website, but there's not usually very much. There weren't any sophies after the sale this summer. :sad: I know because I looked for them.

    On a similar note, since this is where the Botkier fans seem to be gathering today, I was just on the bloomies website, and does this bag look familiar to any of you?

    It's a new Juicy Couture bag but it sure looks a lot like a Bianca to me! :wtf:
  14. it sure does look a LOT like the Bianca...maybe a little different in the pocket area but definite similarity...
  15. I've been waiting for that email!! I've held myself from purchasing a sasha duffle since May because of the sample sales. Didn't have any luck at the last one but I'm crossing my fingers on this one too Judie! I bought the Trigger in white before the sasha came out, so I've been kicking myself in the head since I saw it at the last sale back in the summer for almost half the price I paid for it!! oh well... last sale went well despite some feisty shoppers playing tug of war with some bags ;)