Botkier Sample Sale Online

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  1. Be sure and go to so you can get the code for an extra 15% off.
  2. been trying to buy the sasha duffle in coral for an hour now. The purseblog code also doesn't seem to be working. anyone have luck in actually securing a bag?
  3. Oh, I didn't see the code in time. Thanks for posting! I was finally able to check out after much refreshing. Definitely not a fast process!
  4. here is the code for 15% off
    I can't seem to get it to work when I click "apply" and the page stops loading after a few minutes. I hope others are having better luck.
  5. The site won't even load for me.
  6. The code doesnt work
  7. Try opening with firefox browser. It took a minute but opened up and let me use the coupon.
  8. I used Safari, and it worked for me! Thanks for mentioning the code!
  9. Will they restock some bags?
    I want to buy the grey howard but it is sold out :cry:
  10. try searching, some of the bags didn't show up but when i searched, they were still in stock
  11. code definitely worked for me in google chrome
  12. Wow! The bags just disappeared! Does anyone know if they are going to restock since the sale is 3-days long?
  13. if you're still having trouble with the code just go ahead and place your order and email customer service and they will apply the discount for you. HTH.

  14. I still see bags on there?