Botkier Sample Sale Haul Instant Reveal!!

  1. Hey Ladies!

    Guess where I went this morning?!
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    I've never been a big fan of Botkier, but this past summer I made a new friend who was carrying a First Generation Trigger Satchel that was truly stunning, and it got me intrigued. Then, the Eden Satchel came out and I was even more intrigued, but never made a purchase. Finally, this sample sale popped up and I knew I had to check it out. And I'm so glad I did, because I walked away with a few gorgeous new goodies!

    Who wants to see???
  3. Ok, here they are!

    Botkier Olive Green Trigger Satchel, and a Small Eden Satchel! I love them both! Thanks for looking!
    IMG_1060.jpg IMG_1062.jpg IMG_1064.jpg
  4. The color of the Trigger is better seen in the first picture, but still it's not enough to capture the true deep olive-y tone of it. The leather is also to DIE for! So happy!
  5. Congratulations! The Trigger is amazing!
  6. beautiful bags! i am a huge botkier fan and plan to stop by the sale this weekend. their leathers are gorgeous!
  7. Beautiful choices! I plan to stop by on Thursday.
  8. How much u paid for each bag?
  9. Sale prices are 50-70% off for all bags. These were around 60% off.
  10. Thanks Glenda. I might get Eden or Valentina bag:smile:
  11. nice haul!
  12. Nice finds Glenda, CONGRATULATIONS! :yahoo:
  13. Any Valentina shoulder bags??

    Also, are cash purchases tax free?
  14. Are the Valentina's really recent? There were some bags from the current season, but most are past season. Also, current season bags are limited in color selection. This Trigger only came in this olive green, for instance.

    I'm not sure about cash policy since I paid with a card.
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    I just came back and wasn't charged tax with cash. My friend paid with card and no tax either.

    I got a Pheonix clutch in black and blue and a Token (?) shoulder/crossbody :smile: