Botkier sample sale @ GILT Friday 4/4

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  1. I missed out on the Botkier online sale in Feb, I can't wait for this sample sale! :yahoo:
  2. Me Too!
  3. At least I will have a clue about pricing for this one! I love the Bianca I have.
  4. sorry can someone tell me what is gilt?! I would love to get a botkier sasha! tia
  5. It's an online sample sale. You have to be invited by a member to join.
  6. what time does the site open in the morning?
  7. hi there! ooh!!! can i get in on this somehow? i LOVE botkier!!!
  8. Noon EST, 9am PST.
  9. Does anyone with 'insider knowledge' know whether or not they may possibly be selling any medium biancas through Gilt? I've been obsessing about one for a while now....
  10. What kind of prices will they be? I'd love to get my first Botkier! :yes:
  11. I'd love to know if they will be selling the medium Bianca too!! Did they have them in the last sale?
  12. no insider clues of what will be sold -- but they typically post a video of photogs that will be most likely included in the sale (almost always). the prices have been ok; the gilt RM SS was priced similarly from the actual SS. although, FYI these are all FINAL SALES. lastly, they have a small stock of products, so if you really have your heart set on something, you best be on the computer by 11:59:59 on friday
  13. Wow, Gilt seems to do some really awesome labels. Rebecca Minkoff, then they had DVF (who I missed--arrrrgh!!) and now
  14. They only had the small Bianca! I'm holding out for a's been tough!:smile:
  15. I love their site. I have bought things from a few sales of theirs and have always been happy. They have clothing, jewelry, shoes, and handbag designers and the prices are usually between 50-70% off. It is worth signing up for and all you need is a reference.