Botkier Sample Sale- Crazy Question

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I believe the sample sale starts Tuesday- I'm leaving for Fla. on Wednesday and I really, really, don't have time to run into the city but my daughters B-day is Saturday and she is asking for the Large Bianca in Black.

    If anyone is going in on Tuesday- would you consider taking my phone number and calling me to let me know if they have any and what the price is?

    If they do I would then cut out of work to run in.

    Please PM me if you're going in on Tuesday and would be willing to help me out.

    Also, please let me know if it's on sale anywhere else!!

  2. The sample sale actually starts the 14th which is a Thursday
  3. well that's not gonna work-LOL

    If anyone see's the Botkier Large Bianca on sale or with a code please let me know!

  4. If anybody see a Bianca bag, can you please PM me as well... I do not live in New York.. but if there is a Bianca, I will make my friend go in and get it for me...
    Thank you soo much!!
  5. the sale actually starts on wed the 13th for friends and family to preview the bags on sale....
  6. really? so i'm assuming that not everyone can go? ooh this sucks :sad: