Botkier sale!

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  1. Botkier online sale - the satchel in black is on there - - however I really really like the Rust color - thinking about the Bombay Tote in that

    Does anyone know if the Satchel can fit over your shoulder?? Would that look right?

    I have the East West Satchel and it does fit over the shoulder but I'm not sure abou the bombay - doesn't look like it could.

    These bags are going to be bought up by the time I check this again tomorrow night LOL
  2. I don't think the satchel can fit over the shoulder with comfort. Also, I don't see these bags selling out because I've seen them in mass quantities at the Lucky Shops event and at the private Botkier sale. Both times, these were always left over so anyone who really wants them, will definitely get them this time around. I wonder if they are going to list anymore bags?
  3. Hi, I am super new here. Should I introduce myself....? I emailed Botkier around midnight on Saturday about this years sale. I went on the site Sunday night and SURPRISE:yahoo:, they are having a sale!! Sadly, they don't have any Bianca's instock yet (sigh)... I REALLY want that bag!! Anyway I went ahead and ordered the Bombay tote in rust for the spring/summer season....YAY I can't wait. :drool:
  4. I just got the Bombay tote and it fits over the shoulder comfortably without a coat. With a coat, it does not.
  5. I have the e/w essex satchel and it absolutly does not fit on my shoulder with a coat. W/o a coat it does but uncomfortably. That is my only issue with it. Otherwise its yummy!
  6. As usual I waited too long....all the Trigger Fans are gone.:crybaby: I was conflicted cos while it was a really good deal,that is one freakin' HUGE bag!Which is just as well 'cos I was torn between getting it and a Kooba Ginger in Chestnut. Guess I better go get the Kooba before it disaapears on me too...
  7. I ordered the bombay tote in Rust too - very excited about this - I love that color rust - but I wanted it in the small Bianca. :smile: I think I'm going to take the tassle off when I get it though
  8. I have both bags and let me tell you the Trigger Fan is huge! It is a great bag if you carry a lot of stuff (and I definitely do at times). However, I bought my Trigger Fan in ivory so I'm saving it for Spring before I use it again (I'm super anal about cleaning). As for the Kooba Ginger, I have it in chestnut but I have the suede which is a PAIN to keep clean. I would suggest the leather over the suede as it will be easier can carry quite a big in the Ginger but just not as much in the Trigger Fan. I'm sure they'll post more of that bag somewhere on sale because Botkier everywhere I went, seemed to have such an overstock on that particular bag and in that particular color. I'll keep my eyes peeled! :yes:
  9. The best pictures I can get...I like the color Rust...I was eyeing up the Rust Biance the small one...but for some reason I think it's growing on me.
    What do you think?

    Please excuse my pajamas- it's my day home cleaning LOL

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  10. I l;ove anything Botkier
  11. Shipping is ridiculous!
  12. I got my Botkier Bombay tote today in rust too. I'm way too lazy to post pictures. The bag is sort of small for me, but cute. Seriously, their shipping is awesome!! I ordered my bag Monday morning and I got it Wednesday afternoon and I had ground shipping!! But there is one thing I discovered about the bag that I hate...

    the beautiful goatskin scratches very easily. If your finger nail rubs up against it, that's a scratch. You can, however, rub the scratch out so that it it not easily detectable, but I am afraid to much of this will cause spots on the bag.

    Other than that I love it...I still wish I had my Bianca satchel though. I was at work at Bloomies and a young girl had it on. She let me try it on and everything and the leather was nice and durable despite what I read on this forum :shrugs:, I gently scratched and pinched it while she wasn't looking and it was fine:smile:.
  13. Beautiful!
  14. Yeah it's actually smaller than I thought!! LOL - you scratched her bag LOL what if it actually scratched !!?? LOL........