botkier sale!

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  1. Botkier is having a sale on it's website! enjoy!
  2. oh my goodness, I want the Clyde in Cognac. :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad:

    hmm, maybe if I hurry up and get my tax returns I can justify buying it.
  3. Thank goodness! Nothing I want.
  4. omg! i wanted a botkier for sooo long...which styles do you all ladies like best? is this a good deal?
  5. It's the best deal your going to get anywhere! I've been tracking all of the sales on Botkiers and Botkier direct is going to be the cheapest, the downside is they will do absoultly NO RETURN or exchanges. Just be sure of what you want! AE also still has several on sale and do returns/exchanges etc but they aren't discounted quite as much.
  6. thanks i just purchased a cognac clyde for around 340 shipped! awsome deals!!!:smile:
  7. Botkier sales are generally great deals. active Endeavors doesn't allow refunds on sale merchandise (I think). I've been waiting for Botkier to have a sale but truly it is a relief they don't have the colors I want on sale. My husband said no more bags until april (I bought 4 since December). I don't think I can hold out that long...Oy vay!:sad2:
  8. Is the Cognac in the pebbled leather? Or is the leather smooth?