Botkier SALE!!

  1. Just got an email and Botkier is having a sale on all their 2006 Spring bags!! :biggrin: The sale is from June 7 - 9th (11 - 6:30pm) at
    13 Crosby Street, Suite 500 (at Grand Street) New York

    They are having 50 - 80% off all 2006 spring bags ................ for those of you in NY this seems like a great sale :lol: ................. i have a botkier and i love it, the leather is so soft and supple and it holds A LOT !!!
  2. Gasp, you got it now! Gorgeous!!! RT is the best deep red, hands down. Yummy leather too on this babe:smile:

    Two beautiful bags:tender: Love the puffy leather on your Lilac and Amethyst is the best pink IMO, congrats!
  3. ^????

    This is the weirdest thing, I posted my reply above in this Bal thread and it ended up here?! How did that happen?:confused1: