Botkier sale~NYC~Tomorrow~who is going?

  1. If they have Clyde, snag one! I love mine! :heart:
  2. Ahhhh I wish I could go!! I think Botkier is a highly under-rated brand. LOVE the leather and unique designs. Very functional too. I have the Clyde but I sold my trigger.
    Definitely GO and let us know what you find! :smile:
  3. I can't go but you absolutely must go! I love botkier and I will live vicariously through you.
  4. Sample sales are good places to buy and then re-sell. I am stuck working in Brooklyn all day-but I wish I could go!
  5. OMG, I wish that I was not stuck here in Texas--
    they just do not have cool sales like that at all, plus I find Botkier to be exceptionally well made--wave at the Bianca satchels for me:cry:
  6. I went today. The lines were super long but I started randomly chatting with a young lady who just let me go in. I think she was a marketing rep.

    In any event they had a ton of stuff. It was actually overwhelming since I know zilch about Botkier. their bags however do look exceptionally well made. The only style I recognized was the trigger which I believe was going for about $250. Is that a good deal?

    I got a migraine from the noise so I left and promised the young lady I would return tomorrow so I'll be back but this time hopefully I'll be able to take some pics.:flowers:
  7. $250 for a Trigger is really good.
  8. Definitely get the Stirrup! I love it. Let us know what they have in the sample sale. (Too bad I live in CAnada, but I would love to know what kind of stuff they sell in there) :smile:
  9. Oh I'd love the Biance in Toffee!!! I agree it is an under-rated designer, but shhh, let's get too loud or it'll become too mainstream!
  10. Oh, what did you get???? I agree on the Bianca. SHHHHH, the Dusty Gold is to die for. The trigger is a little too heavy for me.
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