Botkier Sale Bags - Looking for Thoughts AND Dimensions

  1. I was advised via PM (thanks cooper1!) to check out the Botkier sale bc many bags were REALLY marked down. I like a couple, but cant tell how big they really are. Anyone own one or know the measurements?

    I am interested in the:

    Bryant Sml SHoulder
    Bryant Large Satchel

  2. Bryant Large Satchel: 14” x 7” x 8” (8” handle drop)

    Bryant Small Shoulder: 10 1/2 x 4.5 x 13.25 (8” handle drop)


    ETA: I think the large satchel is a classic...the small shoulder seems kinda cool, but maybe a little trendy. I have that as a second choice, because initially the sasha shoulder tote wasn't coming up in my shopping cart. I guess they fixed whatever glitch because now there are some available!
  3. Im REALLY liking the bryant small shoulder in grey, I think its most me. I hope there are some left on Friday after I get paid!
  4. I did a google search and put the name of the bag in and various sites will pull up the bag and their measurements. That's how I found out about the measurements for the bag I got; the Sasha Hobo.
    I don't know why they aren't listed on the bags in the sale section!

    ...Now I am eyeing that Bronze Nomad Satchel!
  5. I'm eyeing the Bryant hobo too, such a good deal. I think I'd end up going with the large hobo, but I really like them all.