Botkier Sale At

  1. Botkier is having a sale, I bought a few, prices are so low and the bags are so nice....If you like Botkiers, go..........Botkier leather is very strong and beautiful, I started with one and now own four.

    Have at it Ladies, Im so glad to be able to contribute good news!

  2. I bought the Botkier Bordeaux Sasha Hobo on sale for $198 shipped!
    I can't wait to get it! What a fabulous price!!!
    Anyone familiar with this bag? I have seen other Botkiers, but not this style IRL.
  3. thats awesome...the bordeux color is absolutely delicious!
  4. Here is the bag I bought for $198 (I still can't believe it!):
    Sasha Bordeaux Hobo
    I just told my sister about it, and she told me to order her one, too, but it looks like that style is already gone. They still have a few really nice bags left for sale on the site. All under $290 in the "sale" section!
    Hurry, people!!! Go get 'em!
  5. I looked and contemplated but I have so many Bots right now, and I think I cover what I wanted until I get a Vixen in the Spring. I am using and loving my Red Carlton Satchel right now. But those prices were so enticing. I was pushing that Bronze Nomad to my Friends (my most "awesomest" of Bot Bags!)
  6. Really!?? I was trying to get some feedback about the nomad! You love it? Is it a shoulder bag? I was eyeing that bronze one at that price! WOW! It looks so nice!
  7. I ordered this bag too! But in the only color left, 'Army'. My first Bot!! I can't wait either and what an awesome price.

  8. Hey Lex! Do you have the Sasha Hobo??

  9. Really nice. Of if I had any money left....
  10. Anyone know the sizes of the Bryants? I'm looking foe a bag that fits a A4 folder. Which one would be best?
  11. Here's the Botkier Nomad in Bronze. I adore this bag. I think my favorite Botkier. It is not glitzy or shiny but very neutral. It's struactured and the 2 front pockets have a zipper around them to adjust them to smaller or larger.

    Never had any of the Sashas. I was never sure of the style for me. I was afraid the duffles were endless holes.


  12. Ugh. I've been debating the Bryant Large Hobo since yesterday morning but haven't pulled the trigger yet. It's a really gorgeous bag, and such a great price, but I need to select my purchase very carefully because my budget is small so I can't decide if I should get this or save up for one of my more expensive wish list bags. :shocked:
  13. It's a gorgeous bag. I wanted to get it, but international shipping is 154$ :crybaby:
  14. I have the large Sasha duffle/satchel convertible and it is not really that big. I may be able to get modeling photos. I am 5'3" but the bag is so slouchy it is fine. It gets really small when you convert it to a satchel and clip the sides down.