Botkier Safari Bag?

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  1. Hi! Just found this blog - how exciting!

    Does anyone have the Botkier Safari bag? Opinions? I just bought one but haven't received it yet and am very excited (I've tried to attach a photo here, so hopefully it worked - appparently it is attached to this message somehow). Lexi, I saw that you had the trigger bag (I remember when you bought it), but sold it because it was too heavy? I'm now a little worried about that, but hopefully the Safari is not quite so heavy.

    And Lexi, I still love your Kooba and am still on the hunt for one that is gently used...
  2. oo I love love love botkier - this style is way cute I've never seen it in person though. the leather on the botkiers is so buttery soft!
  3. From what I can tell from the photo, there doesn't appear to be much hardware on the Safari bag, so the weight shouldn't be a problem. The only reason the Trigger weighs more is because of the heavy clasp. I think Botkier bags are great :smile:
  4. LOVE it! The color and pockets are divine!
  5. Beautiful Bag. I still mourn my Trigger. That leather was sooo nice. I just wish it wasn't so heavy. When my husband picked it up and went "Ugh!!!", I knew it wasn't my imagination.
  6. I soooo agree! I would love a trigger - they just need to get lighter!
  7. :P I just replied to the other Botkier thread but to answer your question - yes it is heavy, but not ridiculously so...:flowers:
  8. I love that bag!!! Can't wait to see pics!