Botkier Safari..Any opinions

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  1. [​IMG][​IMG]What do you think of the design? Does anyone own one?
  2. I've seen it but don't love it so much.
  3. Actually that is the one style I actually don't mind out of most of the botkier bags
  4. It looks like it might be kind of stiff...
  5. i'm not sure what i think about it, i've never seen one IRL and i tend to like botkier bags a lot more than they're in my hand than when they're in a pic.
  6. Ladies ,as a new owner of a cognac clyde, just wanted to let you know that they have once again put even more colors and styles on the botkier website! I am slightly annoyed but have decided I chosen the better of the bunch. However, the metallic pearl stirrup is marked down to 275 from a retail price of 685. Also the ever coveted convertible is available in colors of a pretty metallic baby pink and a gorgeous metallic silver brown (cute!!) for the price of only only.........275 from a retail price of 765! Darn should I venture out once again? hmmmm I don't know I have a car note coming soon....LOL
    Also, they have safaris too but i forgot what colors but it is like half off i think...
    If you guys buy some don't forget to post pics!!!Now runnnnnn....:biggrin: :nuts: :nuts: :nuts:
  7. Hi love2shop,

    We are fellow clyde owners. I hv one in metallic pink mauve, i'm loving everything about it !!! :nuts:

    The Safari is a little different with its 3 pockets, i like it. It might have a nice slouch on a person IRL.

    Loving their new designs: East West Satchel, Emily & Bianca.:biggrin:
  8. Hey I gues we are bag twins now huh? LOL Anyways, what does IRL mean? :wacko:
  9. oops sorry. its just a short for 'in real life'....:nuts:
  10. BUMP! :biggrin:

    I just bought this bag and it's not stiff at all. kinda slochy if i don't have too much in it. I love it to death!:love:
  11. I see the Safari is now in the 'Archive' section of the Botkier site...ahh well, it looks good, i think, but i still love the Clyde and the Trigger best!:lol:
    Enjoy your new bag Andiewc :P
  12. It looks like a nice bag you can use everyday. How much is it though?
  13. I think the original retail was $660. I saw it on sale for $399, but I got mine from a friend for $160! :cool:
  14. love it! very cool!!!
  15. I just bought this bag in metallic pink and I LOVE it!! Not stiff, altho I can see how it might look so in the pic.