Botkier Roxy Satchel?

  1. Hello all,
    does anyone own the Botkier Roxy Satchel? I've been looking at this one for awhile and was wondering what everyone thought of this bag. I've been looking for one in black since I do not own an all black bag and think I'd like one.
  2. I've got one coming! Never seen irl but pics look great. I'll post pics as soon as I get mine.
  3. Check the Botkier sample sale thread....I think I remember seeing pics of someone's Roxy there.

  4. looking forward to it! what size did you get?
  5. thank you!
  6. Small. I carry about lots of stuff but I wanted a sleek black bag and this one fit the bill I think. I would have gotten a large one but the only one they had, had silver hardware.