Botkier Rose Satchel.. in cherry, or other colors, on sale?? anywhere?

  1. Hi Guys,
    Has anyone seen the Botkier rose satchel on sale? I love the bag, but dont want to pay anywhere near retail for it, if possible
    Thank you!!!
  2. im looking for the medium sized sachel..
  3. sold out at bloomies and Neimans..:sad:
  4. has anyone else seen them?
  5. Hi,
    There is one on eBay for $350.00 right now in metallic plum. HTH :smile:
  6. I would worry about eBay...I would contact Botkier to see who they sell to in your area and maybe you can find it on sale. I know Nordstrom by me usually has good sales on Botkier
  7. they have one at It's not on sale but they always honor a 25% code (I think it's "grechen", but do a search), and sometimes have a 30% off code.
  8. I saw the frame style bag...sorry, not familiar with the name of Bloomingdales in San Francisco for extra 40 percent off last weekend. They had two of them in a bronze color. Really pretty. I almost bought it.