Botkier questions!!!

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  1. Has anyone ordered any of the Botkier bags (that are now 50% off) from that sale section of I'm wondering if I should take the plunge.:biggrin: This bag (in metalic mauve) is $610.00 at and $305.00 at
    If I bought it, it would be my first Botkier. I'm drawn to the color and it looks really functional. To those who know, what's the quality like? IYO, are they worth the price?
  2. I LOVE the smell of my Botkier. I've had it since Aug, and it still has the new leather handbag smell. Keep it in the dustbag when not using. Sadly, I don't take mine out enough, but still happy that I got it. Really keeps it's shape (that's my thing), and if it's on sale and you're wanting one, what'cha waiting for? I think this bag will be around for a long while.........mine's a lavender.....bought mine for about $600 CND (was 20% off than), and no regrets.
  3. Thats a beautiful bag! But it reminds of a cross of some bag?

  4. I have the same feeling - but any bag with strings hanging and zippers is reminiscent of another!
  5. lol, Balenciaga maybe????
  6. That's one for starters!!
  7. I love my Trigger bag. I have it in the medim size. I say go for it! I mean, it's half off girl! Gorgeous color!!
  8. I'm still in love with that color :love: Let us know if you get it :biggrin:
  9. You should go for it...I rarely ever see Botkier on sale.
  10. Y'all have OFFICIALLY got me into trouble. I just HAD to go check out the sale and ordered a convertible in chestnut. Oh well, I've been looking for a nice schlep bag anyway.
  11. I would go for it! They are very high-quality bags for their full retail price, and they are great deals when they are on sale.

    Now is definitely the time to do purse shopping - I love end of season sales!! And it seems like they get better and earlier every year!
  12. Buttery, did you ever order your bag? I'm sitting on the fence on this one too. The metalic mauve picture that you have looks peachy or a salmon color, but the swatch on Botkier it looks like a true pink/mauve. The only downside is there are no refunds or exchanges on their sale items!
  13. That is a shame that there is no returns on the Botkier sale items. But as you tell from the prices, they just want to sell them.

    If you want to get a better idea what the metallic mauve looks like in different lights - I think you just do an eBay search on "Botkier Mauve". Many sellers have that color listed, and you can browse their pictures.
  14. Thanks Chemlex!