Botkier questions and opinions please

  1. I'm thinking about a Botkier for fall or winter. Last bag I purchased was couple of months ago; I wanted a lighter color and the only light color they had was ivory. I wouldn't pay full price for a bag that light in color as I would worry too much about dirt, etc. But for winter, I like Trigger -- probably east-west version and also Bianca in medium size. I've seen Bianca in eggplant color at Nordstsrom last year and I also like black. But seems like it would be hard to keep on shoulder and I really don't like a bag that's strictly hand-held. Trigger seems like it would be very fuctional with all the compartments, but also heavy? And with Trigger having been around for a long time, I have seen them on sale (not east-west) and would probably be reluctant to pay full price. Opinions please? For those who have Bianca, some of them seem to be softer, smoother leather than the nice soft ones hold up to daily use? Thank you.;)
  2. I recommend doing a search. There's a ton of threads that will give you your answer. Good luck. :yes:
  3. Depending on what you put in the Trigger it could be VERY heavy! The E/W is hard to find as I have rarely seen them in department stores or online (except eBay) I am actually looking for a E/W as well and have already emailed Botkier as to whether they will release them again. (No word yet) I can def. put a lot more in my Bianca (Large) then my Trigger. My Bianca's leather is thin but I think depending on how you care for your bag, the leather should have a long life. It is sometimes annoying getting in an out of the Bianca. The Bianca is more versatile because you can use it for school, work, vacation etc. The Trigger because of the compartments makes it more difficult to fit things where as it is easier to stuff things into the Bianca and the best thing about it is it doesn't weigh a ton!
  4. I had a Trigger a few years ago, and I sent it back because it was just soo heavy and bulky. I bought a Sasha small tote on sale, and I LOVE that bag. It's much lighter, but the sight says they are sold out of the bag. Maybe wait until fall because some of the new bags are beautiful.
  5. I've owned a Bianca, Turbo Trigger, and Trigger E/W bag.

    The leather on the Bianca is my favorite. I have a medium bianca and used to own a bianca clutch. It is the only one of the two that has suede lining. It is also much lighter than the Trigger. The issue I see with the Bianca, based on your post, may be the shoulder strap on the medium one. Mine is from the Holiday 2006 season and it fits comfortably over my shoulder as long as I'm not wearing a coat with shoulder pads (i.e., it doesn't work with some of my wool over coats but it's fine with a trench or a thin down coat). I've tried several on from the summer 2007 and fall 2007 seasons and the strap is really tight over my shoulder even in short sleeves. I don't know if they are shorter now or if mine stretched but I thought I would mention that since you're looking for a shoulder bag.

    The Trigger E/W is strictly a hand-held bag. It has a lot of compartments and the compartments are a little different than the Trigger turbo. It hold slightly less. I think it was a little lighter but not by much. I sold this one because it was too impractical for me and I took a gamble and bought a final sale and the color wasn't for me IRL. This one had smooth leather that was soft but not as soft as the Bianca.

    The Trigger turbo is the one that fits over the shoulder. It fits comfortably over the shoulder but it was too heavy. When you put a few items in it, it hurt my back. The compartments were really nice and you could fit a lot of stuff in it but I never wanted to fill them because of the weight. I had one with the pebbled leather and though it was durable looking, it wasn't very soft.
  6. Thank you for the replies. The shoulder strap is probably going to be a deal breaker for me on the Bianca. Maybe Botkier will come out with something else that suits me better....the leather on the Bianca is really nice but if it won't stay on my shoulder I know I won't be happy. And I really lke the looks of the east west trigger better than turbo. So....I'll keep looking and thinking about all of this. Thanks!
  7. I have the Trigger and although heavy the interior organization is awesome. The heavy, thick leather also makes it vary sturdy. IMO. :smile:
  8. ... 'very sturdy'..! ;)
  9. I have the Trigger and I love it. It is super heavy empty though. I disagree with the other tPFer that says it's hard to fit things. Each compartment is roomy and it actually helps me stay organized. I put phone and wallet in the compartment closest to my body (to keep them from other's reach), I keep my my cosmetics and other toiletries in the zipper compartment (I don't need to reach for them as often), and I keep sunglasses and gum in the exterior pocket. I have three Botkiers and I am most happy with my Trigger.

    I have had a bad experience with my hobo-style Botkier and you can read my recent thread about it. Botkier will do a lousy job of guaranteeing craftsmanship if something were to go wrong with your bag. I have had my hobo for only 2 months, the stap came loose, fell off my shoulder, and I have lost the small loop to keep it in place. Botkier told me to send it to them to ONLY STITCH IT for $40. Very lame!
  10. i've had a couple of the biancas in medium size...also, i recently went to look at some in bloomindgales...the leather on this years is smooshy and wonderful, BUT it's also a toughter leather than last year's crop...i like this one better because it feels more durable AND it's still also seems as if they got smarter about the leather pulls on the bags...they are sturdier as well...all that being said, i think it's a great bag...the only negatives i've heard on here is that the customer service isn't good at me, that might be a deal breaker...hayden harnett, michael kors, coach, balenciaga...all seem to have good customer service...i don't like to feel as if someone is "doing me a favor" after i've paid over 600 for a bag...
  11. Bianca is not hard to keep on your shoulder but Trigger is a little more comfortable. Also heavier though, but not too heavy. Both bags are great. I have several of them. :smile:

    I don't like the East West bag so much, I'd recommend the Trigger Turbo instead.
  12. I've got the Botkier East West satchel - it fits (snugly) over my shoulder, but it it a bit heavier than expected with the silver hardware.

    It's Ecru (off white colour), and grained leather...I love it! I haven't had any problems with dirt etc..